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                                                           Shenzhen Launch Tech Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Launch Tech Co., Ltd. was established in 1992, is the first dedicated automotive diagnostic, testing, maintenance R & D, production and marketing of high-tech enterprises. Company in October 2002 in Hong Kong GEM Exchange (ticker symbol: 8196), is the first industry in Hong Kong-listed companies.

LAUNCH first put forward in China's auto industry "car market" concept, with advanced sophisticated automotive electronics testing and diagnostic products based on the integrated use of modern communications, automation, networking, automotive electronics and mechatronics technology applications, covering automotive diagnostic, testing, maintenance, mechanical equipment, electronic equipment, information systems, tools and testing lines, product lines, the current diagnosis, detection and machinery products in the domestic market has a very high share, which "electric eye" brand has become a vehicle synonymous with computer diagnosis has been representative of the world's highest level of automobile diagnostic technology, is China's auto decoders in the world proud.

In March 2004, with the German company set up jointly investing $ 25 million Shanghai Yuan Zheng Machinery Co., Ltd. was put into operation, is Asia's largest production base of lift. Launch Lift has successfully entered the international market, the company's new economic growth point.

LAUNCH persist in technological innovation, a number of independent intellectual property rights, patents and more than 100 countries, the copyright at home and abroad with a number of R & D test base, the decoder has the world's largest R & D team. State planning key software enterprises, and has access to the Shenzhen Municipal Science and Technology Progress Award. In 2004, the European car market after the professional magazine "kfz-Meister Service" (translation: car expert services) organized the world's five largest-selling brand of computer technology, automotive fault diagnostic tests, X-431 super electric eye won the first comprehensive appraisal, evaluation by the Committee of Experts: The most competitive products.

The company invested a billion dollars heavily in high-tech industrial park is under construction and will become the core technology of the global automobile market research bases. Continued development of new product development has become the company in the automotive diagnostic, testing and other areas of the world's leading core technology advantage.

Yuan Zheng has a good market network. Has 10 branches in the country, dozens of offices, hundreds of resellers and authorized training centers. To "provide top products for the automotive, technology and services" for the mission, Yuan Zheng and almost all of the domestic automobile manufacturers to establish a business partnership, a comprehensive manufacturer of these car maintenance equipment and technology suppliers. Abroad, Yuan Zheng aggressive international strategy to actively develop the overseas market, Yuan Zheng created the Canadian, United States, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Germany, Russia, Spain, general agent, preliminary shaped LAUNCH "LAUNCH" of the international brands, the majority of industry acceptance and awareness.

LAUNCH to take aggressive international strategy, and actively develop the overseas market, shape the "LAUNCH" of the international brand. LAUNCH people-oriented, scientific management, is to continue beyond the challenge of self-innovation, along technology, industrialization, the group, the international road for the creation of multi-national corporations of years and forge ahead.