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LAUNCH automotive diagnostic equipment division on March 1, 2003 officially formed, mainly responsible for the development and production of automotive diagnostic products. R & D staff has nearly 150 people, more than 90 production workers, majors include automotive, computer, mathematics, communications, electrical engineering and industrial electrical automation and other fields, the development of products for the diagnosis and provided a strong human resource conditions.

Division under the Department are:
1 Chief Engineer's Office: responsible for organizing major projects program development, evaluation, supervision. The development of R & D process specifications. R & D process, quality supervision and control. New technologies and the introduction of new management tools, training, promotion, control and so on.

(2) Development: responsible for the development of diagnostic products, test.

3 Sales Department: responsible for the diagnostic product sales plan and marketing program development or implementation, and the branch sales staff training.

4 Procurement Management Division: Responsible for the production of materials and development of materials procurement, and supplier development and management.

5 Manufacturing Management Department: responsible for the production of diagnostic products.

6 Quality Management: The main work for the establishment of quality system implementation, the quality of program planning, the establishment of the implementation of quality norms, outside Concord production quality control, customer quality complaints received and so on.

7 Materials Management Department: responsible for production of diagnostic materials management, production planning and formulation.

8 Engineering Department: responsible for technical support for production departments, and departments involved in the development of the project assessment.

9 Office: responsible for the entire Division work plan development and follow-up work, and division personnel, administrative and financial aspects of the work.

Diagnostics Division the main products:
1. X-431 open car fault diagnosis platform

2. X-431 Infinite wireless with Bluetooth technology, color screen open car fault diagnosis platform

3. X-431 TOP PC-based open platform for automotive fault diagnosis

4. Creader reading card products

5. CODELINK mini-series electric eye

6 condition Recorder

7 off the assembly line detection system

8. X-431 Diagun diagnosis gun

9. X-431 Crecorder care card

10. X-431 Heavy-Duty

11. X-431 Auto Book

In order to meet market demand, broadening its market coverage, diagnostics division was domestic auto manufacturers to establish cooperative relations, the main products in the above based on the development of production based on special vehicle manufacturers require fault diagnostic products, diagnostic products and automotive assembly line . And wanted to become a world leader in automotive diagnostic products! Create the world's automotive diagnostic products of No 1!